When the next level in business is  b i g ...
When you're ready to get real serious about lead generation strategies, because the "organic" strategies you've been using are only getting you so far... 
When you've got an idea for a program, or a course, but get stuck on how to put it together, or even how to market it...
When you have a really killer product/service, but you know you've tapped out all the skills and tools you know to use, and you just can't get it into the hands of the right people...
When you want to scale and implement strategies to create more impact with less hustle...
That's how you know it's time to join a high-level mastermind and learn real sales and marketing strategies.
The kind of sales and marketing strategies that turn your side hustle into your main stream of income. 

And your passion.
That's exactly what you'll find in Level Up MASTERY, a12-month high-level coaching mastermind for coaches, leaders, and business owners.

MASTERY is designed to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to expand your level of influence and increase your income this year.

You'll learn the marketing strategies for crafting a strong online presence and message (*finally!), identify your ideal audience/client, and know how to get in their heads to make an offer so super juicy, they're throwing their credit cards at you!

I've put everything I've learned, discovered, and know about building a tribe of people who will buy from you no matter what you're selling and put it in this elite program.
Here’s what you’ll get If You'RE Accepted into
level up mastery
Access To Me (Heather) 
  • 2 FAST START Strategy Calls: This private 30 minute Zoom call with Heather is designed to help you jumpstart your MASTERY year and get a custom and strategic action plan for you to implement...and another call mid-year. (Value: $1,500)
  • 12 Months Live Hot Seat Calls (Q&A): This group coaching Zoom call gives you the opportunity to get customized and personal coaching 2x/month, for those times when you need direction and clarity. 
    (Value: $12,000)
  • 12 Exclusive MASTERY Trainings: Heather curates custom trainings each month to provide ongoing education in marketing concepts, sales strategies, mindset, and business systems. (Value: $12,000)
Access To My Resources
  • Workbooks, Templates, and Digital Tools from my personal Google Drive. These are ready-made and fully customizable frameworks for email sequences, webinars, sales pages, content banks, etc. These documents ALONE will give you the exact tools you need to launch and sell online!  (Value: $2,997)
  • Full Access To My Complete Digital Product Vault (including my Level Up Signature Courses, Message Impact, my 14-day challenges ON REPEAT). You have instant access to all my digital programs PLUS any I create within the year of your membership! (Value: $5,997)
  • Exclusive Access To Never-Before-Seen Talks, Trainings, and Video Courses, such as my presentations at Funnel Hacking Live 2020, secret masterminds in Greece, and more! (Value: $2,000)
Access To My Community 
  • Quarterly Masterclasses With Thought Leaders And Influencers in my carefully curated network. Learn from the Who's Who of internet marketers and how they've clarified a message that's creating big impact in the world. (Value: $10,000)
  • Tickets to Level Up LIVE. Meet your fellow MASTERY members in Boise, Idaho for a one-day event to sharpen your message and implement next-level business systems. TBA. (Value: $597)
  • 12 Month Level Up MASTERY Facebook Community Access. While personal coaching is invaluable, it's often the community surrounding a coach that increases the value of a mastermind and coaching program. Imagine successful business owners surrounding you, raising the bar on your idea of success, and providing you with real-world perspective, resources, and guidance. It's like you just hired a TRIBE of coaches! (Value: $1,997)
is PERFECT for you if...
  • ​You have a business, product, or message you want to share with the world in a much bigger way.
  • You're ready for more sophisticated ways to generate leads and market yourself online.
  • You're trying to scale your coaching business and have determined it's limited beliefs and mindset that hold you back from real success. 
  • ​You've maxed out on the revenue you can earn working one to one, and want to find other ways to expand your influence and increase your income.
  • You're doing everything you've been coached to do, and yet you're stuck (and even backsliding), but you know you're destined for top level leadership...if you could just find that "missing piece."
  • ​You're ready to implement high-level marketing strategies like sales funnels, webinars, free offers, etc... and you just need someone to walk you through the process!
Hi. I'm Heather.
but You already knew that...
If we were sitting down to coffee in my favorite little shop in nearby Eagle, Idaho, I’d be bold and unapologetic with you.

Can I be that way with you here?

I’d like to share with you my experience in investing in my business, and the more than SIX FIGURES I’ve invested in high-level coaching and masterminds in the past decade. This year alone I wired $40,000 in full to a coaching team out of Nashville.

Without batting an eyelash.

And it was only 5 years ago that I was staring at a sales page just like this...considering a $10,000 mastermind and coaching program because I knew it was the next B I G step to get where I was dreaming of going.

I wish I could sit here and tell you I sweated it.

I wish I could tell you I was afraid of investing that amount.

But I just wasn’t.

I trusted myself to take consistent actions towards my goals.

I trusted the coaches and the success their clients were having (not to mention the big success these coaches were having in their own business!).

Sitting across from me at coffee, I can bet you're going to ask me if I made an additional $10,000 in my business that year. If I made back the coveted ROI: Return On Investment.

The funny thing about ROI's is that they aren't always measured in dollars, and they can't always be measured in the short term.

I didn’t make an additional dime that year. I might have actually lost a few dimes along the way.

And this is where so many business owners and entrepreneurs start freaking out ;)

I had a confidence, though (and this is what I coach my clients through);

I knew this was going to take more than a year (or even 2!) to accomplish the big goals I had for my business, and I knew it was going to take time to learn, implement, tweak, and achieve.

So the following year, when the coaching program went up to $25,000 for the year (OMG!), I invested AGAIN.

Wire transfer, paid in full.

Now, I'm about to give you cold, hard numbers right here...completely uninhibited.

Just the way I coach.

In my second year of high-end coaching, I made an additional $17,000 from what I'd been taught and the direction I'd been given.

Year 1: $10K in, $0 out.
Year 2: $25K in, $17K out.

But girl…

Wait for it.

In year THREE, I put down another $25K for high-level coaching with the same coaches (paid in full!).

After quickly implementing one single strategy I’d been coached to do, I made that 3rd year investment back in a single month!


And then I went on to sell over $400,000 in coaching programs of my own in one year.

Let's do the math:

Year 1: $10K in, $0 out. 
Year 2: $25K in, $17K out .
Year 3: $25K in, $400K out .

That's $60,000 in investments and earnings of$417,000, making my ROI $357,000 in just 3 years.

But the RIO doesn't stop there. I keep implementing what I learned in those 3 years, because what you learn in high-level coaching and masterminds can never be taken away from -you!

Don't forget that, friend.

I continue to earn multiple six-figures yearly, offering coaching programs I created from my mind, my heart, and from the $100K+ invested to gain knowledge and skills in this space.

And now I want to teach you to do the same.

Will you apply to join me?
what my clients are saying about my personal coaching...
“When I first met Heather, my business made about $300,000 in revenue and was consistently growing by about $50,000 each year (not bad growth in my opinion). 

I was in Heather's Platinum 1:1 coaching program for 2 years, and this past year my business hit $1.1 million and we're on track to hit that again this year! I think we'll have another significant jump next year when the second business is fully up and running!" 
- Jill Heinz, medical research clinic owner + director
“Before hiring Heather, I knew I had a gift and I knew I wanted to develop it as a business, but I had no idea how. 

When I approached Heather for her MASTERY coaching program, I wasn't sure how I was going to afford the payments. In my very first month in MASTERY, I was able to cover the payment after implementing her ideas from just one single coaching session.

I've since made $10K just from readings this year, with basically no overhead!"
- Megan Winfrey, energy healer + spiritual mentor
“Every answer she gives, every piece of advice she dispenses, is not only thoughtful and relevant, but also full of wisdom and experience that has guided me towards the success I was seeking in my business, and the peace I’ve been searching for personally. 

Coming up with the money to pay for her Platinum program wasn’t easy for me, but it’s one of the best decisions I could have possibly made, and if given the opportunity, I would do it time and time again." 
- Leah Nikki, direct sales leader
I Want You To Be My Next Success Story...
The stories I've shared with you here are of real people.

They could be your neighbor. They could be sitting in front of you in the carpool lane. They could be your next best friend, and even better? 

They could give you the next idea that completely transforms your business, your income, and your life!

Imagine what it would feel like to see your success story shared in these pages...
“One element of Heather’s programs is the “Hot Seat” call. I have often taken advantage of this opportunity to receive individual coaching, which is priceless. 

But even more surprising to me is how POWERFUL it is listening to the questions of others and “eavesdropping” on their coaching session! 

I have taken away something on EVERY SINGLE CALL! And I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that topics are frequently discussed, and questions asked, that I need help on, too. 

It’s a brilliant coaching model and one that I truly enjoy. Thanks, HQ!"
- Rebecca Martin, business owner
“Working with Heather has made such a profound difference in my life. My business is growing, my income is growing, but my life has changed and that is like... worth a gazillion dollars! You know? 

I mean, I would pay Heather a gazillion dollars for what she’s done for me!”
- Stacey Whitmer, direct sales leader
Frequently asked questions
Level Up Mastery is a rolling program, meaning your 12 month access begins the day you enroll and ends exactly 1 year later. When you enroll, you’ll immediately gain access to your MASTERY membership portal, which holds the calendar for upcoming Hot Seat Calls, all your digital assets and training videos, the Google Drive templates and frameworks, and all past recordings of live small group coaching calls.

You’ll be able to dive right in, learn and gain skills, and meet the group on the next upcoming Hot Seat!
After completing your application form, you’ll be directed to a “Next Steps” webpage. On that page, you’ll receive a special video message from Heather, plus an explanation of what you can expect next, assuming your application is accepted.
If your application is not accepted, you will not get an acceptance email. Acceptance emails are typically sent out within 7 days of application.

If it’s been more than a week, and you have not received an email, this is not a NO forever! Just like America’s Got Talent, I’d encourage you to apply again in a year after working on your mindset, your systems, your skill sets, and your income.
Ask yourself: What is the cost of NOT joining Level Up MASTERY?

What is the cost of not learning energy-saving marketing strategies?
What is the cost of not learning money-saving business systems?
What is the cost of not writing that book, of not creating that program, of not hitting that top-level rank?

Trust me, there’s a definite cost involved in sitting on the sidelines, and I can promise you it’s much more over the next 3 years than the $14K investment for MASTERY.

What is it going to cost you to stay right where you are?

The most valuable asset you have is YOU.
It’s your brain. Your ideas. Your ability to turn those ideas into reality.

And even more importantly, your ability to learn how to make your own money!

This should be your #1 priority as a business owner / entrepreneur; investing in yourself at all times.
There’s something really powerful about becoming the small fish in a big pond ;) When you surround yourself by people who are smarter and more accomplished than you, you can’t help but raise your bar of excellence.

I’ve always said I make it a point to be the dumbest person in any room...that’s the only way a person can truly grow and elevate your influence!

So are you “ready” for high level coaching? The fact that you’re sitting here reading still tells me you are!
If this is a fit for YOU, this life-changing program includes:
  • Exclusive Monthly Live Group Coaching Call to provide you with the strategies, skills, and mindset you and your business need for massive and real growth.
  • Monthly Affirmation Audio Download to keep you pumped and ready for results each and every morning.
  • Weekly Group Voxer Broadcast directly from HQ to motivate, inspire, and set you up for success, delivered right to your phone.
  • Quarterly Masterclasses with thought leaders and influencers from my carefully curated network.
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls for those times when you just need direction and clarity.
  • Access to my Complete Digital Products Library (including my Six Figure Social Media Formula, Level Up: Get What You Want In Life, 14-Day challenge ON REPEAT, and any new digital programs created with the year of your membership).
  • Exclusive access to trainings never-before publicly released.
  • Private community of like-minded and powerfully charged individuals who become YOUR people.
  • Ongoing support so you never have to do this alone.
  • Tickets for you and a guest our Level Up Live workshop.
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